Thursday, December 11, 2014

“Reflection, Learning, Community, Hope”

At the end of our recent Fall Institute, we offered slips of paper and asked that attendees write about a piece they would take with them.  

Generously, they did.  When we reviewed the papers, we were touched, and so very pleased that people really took in the pieces most important to us- the pieces that we have learned from our most important teachers, our clients. Thank you so very much for joining us and sharing your thoughts.

Here are just a few of the thoughts our attendess left with us, reflecting what they learned:

  • “A deeper understanding of the role that unrecognized trauma (or developmental events not seen as “traumatic” by those not personally experiencing them) can have on individuals and those in relationship with them.
  •  “The importance of being self-aware and taking care of not only myself, but other caregivers, to help them cope with what is going on.”
  • “Better understanding of the dynamics of self-injury and the importance of acknowledging my own response to it in the client-therapist relationship.”
  • “Different breathing practices to help with anxiety or depression”
  • “The effects of childhood stress research, microaggressions, neuroscience- great to have training on this”
  • "Discussion of sexual minority youth had direct implications for the work I am doing with students. I immediately changed the wording on a survey.(to be more inclusive)”
  • “Reflection, learning, community, hope”

We thank you all for doing the work that you do, and for continuing to explore and commit to find ways to better help your clients. We appreciated your participation, and for the depth you brought in your questions, and in your consultation with each other and with us.

With care,

The staff of Womencare

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