Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tools for Moving from Surviving to Thriving

Sexual violence is an abuse of power and control. It is a violation of the body, mind and soul. It renders a person powerless.

Sometimes, there is a single act of abuse, but often the horror is repeated over and over. Compounding this horror, the perpetrator is rarely the stranger lurking on the street but a person who is supposed to love us, take care of us… or just be able to respect our integrity as human beings.

Sexual abuse crosses all ages, gender, ethnic, religious and socio-economic lines.

We at Womencare are dedicated to understanding and supporting survivors on their journey to heal the wounds of abuse. We also acknowledge the flaws in our larger society, which often times makes survivors of abuse feel voiceless, shattered and somehow at fault.

Womencare has a series of workshops aimed at helping survivors give voice to what has happened to them.

These one-day, small group workshops educate, provide community, and offer a place for survivors to deepen their understanding of the impact of abuse.

I am honored to facilitate two of these workshops, one for women and one for men. Tools for Moving from Surviving to Thriving is designed to provide just that… in a safe environment where survivors of sexual, physical and emotional trauma can come together, be heard and work on the impact of the trauma in a concrete way.

I believe that awareness, understanding and education equal transformation.

-Judith Ierulli, MSW, LCSW, specializes in working with adolescent and adult survivors of sexual, physical and emotional trauma. Click here to read her bio on WomencareCounseling.com.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Free Event: When Families are Special: Working with Families with Special Needs

As part of our foray into the blog world, we would like to increase your awareness of events that staff members from Womencare Counseling Center are involved in or speaking at. Please take a look at this event, When Families are Special: Working with Families with Special Needs, which is happening at the end of this week. We'd love for you to see Ellen speak!

When a family has a child or children with special needs, they face unique challenges both out in the world and in their relationships. The reverberations of these challenges can wreak havoc within the family system, or open it up to new possibilities. This workshop will explore the multi-systemic impact of having a child with special needs. Participants will be offered suggestions and tools in assisting families to make their own healthy meaning.

This event is presented by Ellen Lonnquist, a staff member at Womencare Counseling. Ellen is a marital and family therapist who graduated from the Family Institute at NU in 1999. From then until 2004, she worked in community mental health in Washington State and Chicago. At Womencare, she counsels individuals, couples, and families. Her specialization is in understanding and helping families with special needs.

Event Details
When Families are Special: Working with Families with Special Needs

Date and Time: Friday, February 14th, 9:00am-12:00pm

Location:  St. Vincent De Paul Center, 2145 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL, 60614

Presented byEllen Lonnquist

Cost: Free, with food provided

Register: To register, please visit StarNet and fill out the form on their website.