Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Celebrating 15 Years of the Natalie Haimowitz Postgraduate Fellowship Program

Are you a clinician with one to five years of experience?  Are you interested in deepening your clinical skills and learning more about trauma treatment and the feminist relational perspective?  Are you ready to grow and join a community of supportive therapists?

I was part of this engaging professional training program from 2010 to 2013.  I interviewed some of the therapists in the program with me to hear more about their experiences.  Here is what they shared:

“I learned so much during the program.   Besides learning a lot about working with survivors and feeling like I deepened my skills as a therapist with this population, I also learned how to be in community with other therapists and what a benefit that is for my work.  In fact, I am no longer able to go it alone.  I can't imagine doing this work without support and consultation.  Womencare embraced me as a community and the support has been a lifesaver to me professionally,” shared Tovah Means.  Tovah Means is the founder of Watch Hill Therapy.

Anna Horvath, who trained as an art therapist, currently works at a hospital's psychiatric emergency room assessing patients who are either hospitalized or referred for outpatient psychiatric care and/or psychotherapy.  Anna shared, “I loved my relationships and contact with my mentors Judith and Ellen.  I learned a lot from their exemplary, empathic attitude toward clients.  As their student, I could experience their compassionate concern and thoughtful contribution to my learning process.  I could sense their wish to understand the nature of my concerns and to assist in resolving difficulties."

Check out what some of my other fellow postgrads are up to now:

*This blog post was written by Alissa Catiis, Staff Therapist and Yoga Teacher at Womencare Counseling Center.

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